Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Week At A Glance

Well, the last week or so it seems I have been entirely unable to stick to my designated meal plans. This is okay when we're eating out of the pantry and fridge anyway, but my little forays to the store have got to stop! Here is the next weekly meal plan I have. Hopefully I can do better this week.

Wednesday: Sloppy Joes

Thursday: Braised Chicken Legs in Mustard Sauce, Egg Noodles, Fresh Fruit

Friday: Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry, Basmati Rice

Saturday: Deep-Dish Pizza

Sunday: Lexington Chicken Spaghetti, Garlic bread, salad

Monday: French Toast Sticks, Bacon, Fresh fruit

Tuesday: Leftover chicken spaghetti

Wednesday: Yellow Broth, homemade bread, pear butter

I don't really have many notes for this week... most of this is using things from the pantry this week. The Lexington Chicken spaghetti is a new recipe for me- the recipe makes servings for 50, so I'll be cutting that in half for our crowd. I expect there will be leftovers, so we'll be eating that again on Tuesday. If there aren't leftovers, then we'll have some Mexican stuffed shells from the freezer.

The Yellow Broth is a new recipe that really intrigues me. It's an Irish soup made with root vegetables and oatmeal- the oatmeal in the soup totally intrigued me, so I hope it turns out okay. If not, if I make it earlier in the day and it just isn't working out, I have a package of frozen cheezy chicken noodle soup that will go in the crock-pot instead of the Yellow Broth. But I have high hopes for the yellow broth.

There are very few things I need to purchase this week. Let's see, I need egg noodles, hoisin sauce for the stir-fry, bacon, 2 whole chickens, and some fresh fruit. In addition I'll need milk, creamer, and butter this week. Oh, and some rolled oats so that I can make a batch of granola for breakfasts and snacks. Easy and short shopping list this week- hooray!

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JEP said...

When I read Yellow Broth, I went huh? If it turns out, please share the recipe---the vegetarian eaters always need new ideas!