Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Week At A Glance

Since I've been sick for oh, 5 days now, last week's menu plan really went out the window. It happens, and the beauty of it is that some of the things I'd planned for this week just get bumped to next week- and since I shopped for that last week, everything's already here for those dishes. Today's menu plan is also going to be a bit longer, as I'll include a few days from this week, just to have down what I've made so I can keep track.

I'm also going to do my best to link to all the recipes I use. Occasionally there will be something that doesn't use a recipe- but I've been working on getting my basic "toss-in-a-pot" meals down on paper.

So here is my meal plan for this past Monday through next Wednesday. I'm still on the fence about tomorrow's pork dish, so that may change, but this is the plan anyways.

Monday: Chicken Noodle Soup

Tuesday: Frittata, Apple Pancakes

Wednesday: Cheezy Chicken Noodle Soup

Thursday: Southwestern Pork and Sweet Potatoes, Garden Salad, Fruit

Friday: Fish-N-Chips

Saturday: Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti, Salad, Homemade Bread

Sunday: Sloppy Joes, Pickles, Cheese Slices, Homemade Rolls

Monday: French Toast Sticks, Bacon, Fresh Fruit

Tuesday: Broccoli Chicken Supreme, Salad

Wednesday: Repeat of Sloppy Joes

Just a few notes about this week's menu. You'll see fish is on the menu, this is the time of year to buy fish if you usually don't because of price. With the lenten season, fish comes down to a very reasonable price, and I like to stock up this time of year. Frozen fish is excellent in my part of the country, and it keeps in the freezer for several months. You'll likely see fish on the menu a few times in the weeks ahead. Fish-n-chips is one of our family's favorite things to go out for, and since we aren't dining out as of late, I've managed to find a batter that we love here at home.
The chicken dishes on Saturday and Tuesday are new for me this week- I've not made them before. I have high hopes for both, as I would love to find casserole dishes that we enjoy eating. (We're just not big casserole people.) I'll be buying a large roasting chicken this week, and then using that one chicken for both dishes- it will provide plenty of chicken for both days, and I'll only have to cook it once. I'll probably roast the chicken so that I have the carcass for a roasted chicken stock as well, but I'm still not sure about that. This is where I am flexible though, because I know a good roasting hen will be about 8 or 9 dollars, and if I see a sale on frozen chicken breast this week while I'm out, I may just go that route instead. Either way, both dishes should work out great.

The French Toast Sticks will be made from an extra loaf of homemade bread from Saturday, and you see last week's Sloppy Joe's bumped to this week. My shopping list should be very reasonable this week.


JEP said...

Erika---boy the updated changes on Menu Planning 101 are fantastic!! So easy on the eyes...I'm lovin' it:) Even the cup of tea is adorable! Quick Tips are always little "bites" I'm interested in--thanks!

Erika W. said...

It IS easy on the eyes isn't it? I wasn't sure about the colors at first...they're not my favorite, but it is very pleasant to look at and easy to read.

Maybe if I redo my other sites it will keep me from messing with Tummy Treasure, which I keep itching to do.